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Sparkle Events was founded by sisters, Kristin McGuinness and Alyssa Genovese following their Sparkling successful launch of Sparklicious.


With great attention to detail, the Sparkle Team will listen to your needs, spin them into ideas, take those ideas into the direction you would like your event to go and from there they create a magical, unforgettable, breathtaking experience. 

Kristin - Owner

Planning events is truly my passion. Through Sparklicious, my team and I have been given the opportunity to create high-end parties for children in my Sparklicious locations as well as off-site parties, charity events and large corporate events. We've been hired for events through the relationships we built from our clients at Sparklicious so, from there, Sparkle Events was born. "The difference is, our parties sparkle." Our team is focused and we do not miss a detail. When you do what you LOVE, it shows. When starting Sparkle Events I chose a team that has passion and will deliver an unforgettable experience living up to our Sparkle Standards. 

Alyssa - Owner


My sister, Kristin, started Sparklicious and being her little sister, I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I quickly realized that I loved event planning. When we work on a big event and stay up for nights preparing, seeing the final result is beyond awarding. I graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington with a degree in management and entrepreneurship. From my experience working at Sparklicious I knew that I wanted to start a business helping people to plan their perfect events! My sister and I have planned thousands of successful events over the years! I am the manager at our Sparklicious,  New York location. I am beyond excited to start this journey and plan sparkly, amazing events that will be remembered for a lifetime. 

Valerie - Florida Event Manager

A career in event planning has always been my true focus. My passion for the industry started at a young age. Graduating from Johnson & Wales with a degree in event management made me realize this is what I truly love. Shortly after, I took a position in event services at Walt Disney World. The training at WDW is unsurpassed and it gave me the knowledge and experience to plan a perfect, successful event! The Sparkle Team radiates a passion and love for event planning.  Being part of this team is truly an honor. We work seamlessly together and our end result is simply incredible. Together, we bring our clients visions to life. 

Caity - Northeast Event Manager

I always knew that my career would be making people smile. I was one of the first employees hired when Sparklicious opened back in 2014 and I immediately knew it was a perfect fit. Now, yeas later, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I am the senior event coordinator for offsite parties at Sparklicious. Our clients have loved our work with children’s parties which lead to a variety of large and small events, from backyards to shopping center openings. When the sparkle team plans an event, no detail is overlooked. When hired for a new event, our excitement comes to life. Our Team comes to the table with creativity, passion and most important the ability to execute events to perfection.  The satisfaction that comes from seeing a client thrilled with their event is one of the best feelings in the world.  I look forward to helping Spark Events grow and flourish in the future.

Nicole - Sr. Event Coordinator

I love planning events.  Making someone's special day even more special with just the right amount of decoration, entertainment and food, I make my client's dreams and wishes come true.  

Alie - Traveling Wedding Event Specialist 

When I first meet my wedding clients and see the joy, hope, love and excitement in their eyes, I know that I chose the right event planning path for me.  For many of my bride clients, this day had been planned and re-planned again and again in their minds.  My goal is to work with them to take all of those ideas and make it work within their time frame and budget.  

Casey - Sr. Event Coordinator

Planning events is my passion.  Working with brides to make their visions a reality is my favorite part of this work.  My favorite type of event is when I work with Alie to bring the wedding and reception to a remote location.  We've taken old barns, farms, horse stables, warehouses and have turned them into spectacular unique venues that make that special day even more special.  

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